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Storied Recipes

Read through my Food Blog if you feel like being inspired by my storied recipes, and immerse yourself in the world of food through the lens of travel. 

Who Am I?

By way of introduction, my name is Ashley Helen Loft. I grew up in Leysin Switzerland – a small ski resort village located in the French-speaking area of the Swiss Alps.


I am a dual citizen of Switzerland and the United States, and my native languages are English, French, and Swiss German, and I am conversant in High German and Spanish.


In September 2016, after my college Tennis experience in the US, I left for London to work for the renowned Swiss Chef Anton Mosimann at his famous Mosimann’s Club.


I made a pit stop to Brussels before returning to the Swiss Alps to discover the tastes of Belgium, indulging in the amazing food and discovering so many inspiring cafes and restaurants. 

I have also completed my Classical and Sports massage diploma. More recently, I escaped to Spain and Greece for a little culinary discovery vacation. 


Why don’t you just click on the button below and then you’ll see what my taste buds were introduced to in the beautiful Greek islands and from my travels through European cities and other places far way from the small Alpine town; Leysin.

I’m outgoing, highly motivated, positive, enthusiastic, and a team player. If you ever see me without a smile, then there is something seriously wrong.

From Pescatarian to Vegetarian to Vegan to "Locavore"- “We are what we eat”- so simple but so true.


While I was in the US, I decided to just eat fish, and stay away from hormone filled meat, being produced by horrible factory farm industries. I read about the overfishing problem, which many people seem not to be aware about, so I decided to also stay away from the mercury filled fish. Last year, I decided to become vegan.


Since cooking is my passion, I was excited to discover new dishes made purely from vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and any non-animal products. I have started to convince my family and friends that a plant-based diet is not just tasteless “bird seed”, but incredibly tasty and nourishing food. The best part about it is that you can eat as much as you like without feeling guilty about killing an animal, extra calories, or having a negative impact on the environment.


In January 2019 I traveled to Australia & New Zealand. I worked on a Horse ranch in the Blue Mountains (Woofing) and then went on to Auckland to coach tennis for a good friend of mine for his wonderful Tennis Academy in Clevedon. Traveling from the North to the South island in a hippie van with a childhood friend was quite an unforgettable experience. Check out in my food blog section the adventures of how to still eat amazing while on the road. This is where I decided to eat as a "locavore". Traveling across the world and not being able to try "lamb" in which I normally see in plastic packaging in my grocery store here in Switzerland, I decided to eat like the locals do.  To understand more about what a "locavore" is read the passage about "Happily Healthy Kitchen" in the Home Cooking section of my website :)



...There you have it, a little snapshot of what I have been up to these past 28 years on Earth, with a hopefully comprehensive paragraph about my passion for cooking and change in my diet.


Ashley Loft


Hi! My name is Ashley Loft. I'm a dual citizen of Switzerland and the USA. I'm currently residing in Switzerland. I love cooking and eating homemade food, healing people through sport massages and keeping my readers inspired by sharing recipes on my food blog. Check out my website and don't hesitate to contact me.