-A Treasure Island- Corsica

What grows on the island lands in your plate

Best Restaurant in Bastia- L'odeon

Set on Rue César Campinchi, the charming L'Odéon Bar Brasserie puts an automatic smile on your face the moment you step through its doors. The Pastel calming colours, the hanging family of straw lamps, the small wooden round tables & last but not least the friendly  Corsican "Bonjour!" welcome. 


The Loft, was my favourite. You have to walk up a narrow, spiral staircase to get to where you'll have a meal that you'll remember for a lifetime. 


The small kitchen is behind a green door with a little window so that the Chef can peak out and talk to friends, & check if the customers are rolling their eyes back from pure enjoyment from their meal. Also, to present the fish that the Owner & chef caught that just that same morning, which he will then fillet, prepare and cook for one of the meals of the day. This to me is the most magical, beautiful thing about eating at this restaurant.


Seeing the Chef's enormous smile and excitement to make a meal for us was truly incredible, not only because he put so much love into his cooking, but we could also feel his passion for cooking, using only local and in season products.


The fish, melted on my pallet, perfectly cooked. I filled my spoon with the veggie broth, I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. Soooooo many flavours at once, so incredibly delicious, also experiencing the tastes of the perfectly diced vegetables & the fresh white cabbage that topped the colourful plate. The cabbage was a great pairing, as it gave it a nice crunch texture to the soft vegetables & fish. 

Corsica; the reflexion of heaven

We had the great honor of seeing the Chefs secret wild Island garden, where he can find his wild leek, carrots, herbs, celery, spices, blueberries, & fennel.

Corsica is a true Garden Island with native edibles that you find on your plate when you go eat at L'Odéon. A true food heaven.

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