Marinated Salmon with Wild Garlic


1) 2 salmon fillets (wild or ethically sourced) 

2) 1 onion

3) 1 garlic clove

4) 1 finger fresh ginger or sushi ginger

5) 1/2 lemon

6) white wine

7) Salt Pepper & any other of your favourite spices

8) Wild garlic

9) Soya sauce

10) Dijon Mustard

11) Olive oil

12) Maple syrup

In a frying pan add some oil (coconut or colza) then add your chopped up onions & garlic. Once it's cooking well add a splash of white wine & a squeeze of lemon. If you have some mushrooms then you can throw them into the mix too :)

marination time

1) Wash your Salmon Fillets under cold water & set them into a deep oven roasting pan. 

2) Spread a small amount of Dijon mustard on the surface

3) Stick the slices of ginger into the salmon flesh-or spread 1 tbsp of chopped up sushi ginger

4) Drizzle 1 tbsp maple syrup 

5) 2 tbsp of soya sauce & olive oil

6) Squeeze the rest of the 1/2 a lemon onto the salmon

7) A generous splash (good amount) of white wine

8) Salt & black pepper (white pepper is nice too)

9) Season your fish with Mediterranean herbs like sage, oregano, thyme or any of your favourite spices

10) Add your sautéed onions & garlic & cut your Wild Garlic over your salmon 

11) Cover with aluminium foil, set it in the fridge & let it marinate for 1 - 2 hours (It will still taste lovely if you bake it right away)

12) bake in the oven for about 15 min on 180 C (depends on the thickness of your salmon) 


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