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The picture on your left was taken on a hike in Zermatt-where the famous Matterhorn lives. 

leysin-the alpine town i spent my first 18 years of existence

If you ever end up in this magical town, you breathe oxygen from the Alps, have incredible views of mountains, endless hiking, mountain biking, climbing activities (summer) and of course some great skiing in the winter. You will get hungry from all your mountain activities, and I have great addresses for you to end your day in ultimate satisfaction.


Leysin is a special place. Mahatma Gandhi visited in 1903, Jackson 5 performed on the ski slopes in 1979 & it was famous for its first sanatoriums to treat tuberculosis patients. In 1894 was when the first one opened in Switzerland. The sun and fresh air was a natural cure for the patients.  

Leysin has character with its interesting history and its prestine location high up in the Swiss alps. It is a true Swiss Mountain village, however it does have its international feel. You will meet people from all over the globe because of the private American high school, a Japanese high school, and a hotel management school. For a small village, it has incredible sports facilities. 


The pictures above are traditional dishes from Switzerland. You can't get a better Croûte au Fromage anywhere else in the world. It is a must to also try Fondue or Raclette. Below are a couple places to check out in this town!

1) La fromagerie for the food

2) Prafandaz for the view

3) ChezLaCroix (has amazing Croûte au Fromage  ) 20 minutes drive to Les Diablerets 



Vevey is a smaller city perfectly situated along the lake of Geneva, with the french Alps starring at you. You have a magical view a world UNESCO site as well called Lavaux. 


Below I've listed my favorite cafés where you find healthy food, good quality coffee and a chilled environment. I like these places to work on my computer or just catch up with friends.


1) KIZUKU café located on Rue du Lac 

2) Café Littéraire located on Quait Perdonnet 33 

3) Brew Cafe located on Rue du Théâtre 3, Vevey


All three cafés have very good coffee, with vegetable milk options, homemade food made mostly from local products, and caters for all types of diets.


Have you ever had a vegan hotdog? Well at Kizuku you'll be positively surprised by how their beetroot based "sausage" tastes.


Brew café is a great place for an iced latte on a hot summer day or a refreshing crafty cocktail with some tasty side dishes. You can't go wrong with their local beer and their homemade hummus and pita bread. Oh! and the pancakes take me back to the US ;) They are SO tasty and define exactly what a pancake is.

In June, the beautiful town of Vevey holds a food truck festival along the picturesque lake of Geneva. 


Food from all over the world can be found. From the smell of Juicy Arepas from Venezuela to deep-fried donuts, to Mojito trucks and of course you won't miss the traditional Swiss food. I can guarantee you that this festival consists of;

amazing views, a fun atmosphere, food addicts and an inspirational vibe for people  food truck lovers!


  "Music & Food reunite people together" me



If you ask any of my friends, they would tell you that "Le Pointu" café bar is "Ashleys' favorite" place to go for a coffee, brunch,  cocktails and for dinner (umm for everything basically?) :)


If I could I'd stay from breakfast to dinner. This unique place has two personalities. It can turn from a calm café to an upbeat bustling bar. The music during the day gives it a chilled vibe which makes it a nice working environment or a meetup place. When the sun goes down, the lights go down with her, and the bartender turns the volume knob up to make the room alive and moving.


My favorite wine at le Pointu is a vegan red wine called Vegano. I usually order the aubergine tartare that is served with homemade warm focaccia bread. I recently tried their poke salad tasty.


Appetising, filling and healthy is the report from all options on the menu. You will not be disappointed at le Pointu!

Great place for An afterwork cocktail, a cool hang out spot with friends & if you plan to go out dancing? Start at le Pointu!

More Cafés in Lausanne to discover 


-Café Grancy- Is a very busy café located close to the lake and train station. If you pass by a café that is packed? that's always a good sign. Its cozy atmosphere has a small space in one of the corners of the café if you want to pick up a book on their shelf to read, work on your computer or play board games. You can be sipping on your soy milk latte on their little outdoor terrace surrounded by pleasant to the eye vegetation with views of the old towns buildings of Lausanne. On weekends they have a great Brunch menu. Make sure to reserve, it gets busy fast. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians 


Le Pointu, as mentioned above has incredible brunches on the weekends as well. If you reserve the day before, good luck, the chance of it being booked out is very probable. Suitable for vegetarians -a couple plant based options


El Sacco, is very conveniently located, offering tasty to go fresh made delights.  A couple steps away from the SBB train station, this small cafe offers fresh counter made sandwiches, homemade pies, desserts, vegetable juices, smoothies and of course your to go coffee. 

There are three small tables where you're able to sit down and enjoy the lunch of the day along with a top quality beverage. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians 

do not miss this incredible plant based café racines


Racines opened its doors in 2018. However they've been operating since 2016 in several food markets in Lausanne. Clarissa is the reason for Racines existence. I had a great experience working with this wonderful family at a couple of food festivals. They participated in the vegan food festival in Geneva, festival de la Terre in Lausanne and the food truck festival in Vevey.


Not only does this sit down and take away café have really tasty homemade food & beverages, moreover it is a food business run by such a kind family. This makes it even more special. To support a family business rather than a big food chain is always a great feeling. The Deppriscco family are such hard-working, genuinely welcoming people. I've seen their business grow from a Sunday market stand into a charming establishment in a hip spot of Lausanne, serving high-quality plant-based food. 


This oasis has food choices for all "levels of hunger". Meaning if you are starving, they've got you covered with a great choice of warm freshly made nutritious meals. If you just want a fresh-pressed raw juice? They've got it. If you are in the mood for an Italian coffee, a beetroot or turmeric latte? They've got you covered too, and if you are full from a previous meal but just need that sugar fill? Well their vegan desserts not only look beautiful but are yummy too.

Clarissa cooks and bakes in a health-conscious way, using medjool dates to replace the health-damaging white refined sugars used for making sweets. She really changed societies views positively of what plant-based food is. Clarissa, is a kind, genuine young lady that is a real inspiration to me. She will great you with a smile once you enter her café! 

Clarissa always brought amazing goodies to my meetups

Nyon Switzerland


To my eyes, Nyon is a fairytale kind of town located in between Lausanne and Geneva. Maybe the beautiful castle gives it that feel. You can watch the sunrise and sunset with a stunning view where you can see almost both ends of lake Geneva.


My favorite café is called Cafe Ex Machina which is located near the castle. They roast their own coffee beans and pour beautiful cups of luscious tasting coffee. 


They have very comfortable sofas. Books and board games are at disposal for anyone who would like to have a little escape from technology. In summer you can sit outside to mingle with friends and family while sipping on your high-quality coffee with impressive latte art. 

I love supporting this family business.


I 100% recommend this café where you will find superfood salads, soups, amazing great pastries and specialty coffee. Their flourless chocolate cake with an oat mylk latte is a recipe for happiness. 



Other Cafés you need to check out in Nyon

Cafe Milo- Selection of bread, pastries, to go salads and specialty coffees (no wifi)

Ambrozie Coffee shop & Bar-- Great place where they make crafty CBD cocktails and tea. Their curry chicken panini is a hit! 


Geneva is a beautiful city bringing the big lake to a close. Bordering France, you still feel the swiss vibe. Having the United Nations, CERN and top universities you do find a lot of internationals in this fast paste city. Unfortunately, they are facing issues with the high volume of cars for the size of the city. 


Vegan and Vegetarians Hotspots! 


Alive- Vegan kitchen and Health Club


Ou bien encore- Great location to eat vegetarian meals with local and organic products (1st picture below)


Boréal Café- Great place to hang out and munch on a tasty dessert, sip on that American sized coffee and work on your computer (three locations in Geneva)



Cool Bars in Geneva you must Check out!

Quafé Guidoline is a great spot for an after-work drink with colleagues or a good place to bring your first date. With its vibrant vibe, nice hipster hanging lights and always having something to look at makes it that place to "meet up" :) 


Le Kraken Bar- is also one you can't miss. This bar has character. I will let you discover it before I give the secret away ;) 


Voodoo Reyes - You look inside, it's empty dark, it looks closed. You do see a sign saying "open" and you hear some music. You'll walk up the stairs where you'll stumble upon a magical cocktail bar. It's a speakeasy that has "Potions & Botanicals" themed cocktails. The staff are so friendly and welcoming, which is rare in Switzerland. I feel so far away from the strict, fast pace "everything has to be in order" swiss mentality. I love the vibe in this bar. They have such creative, crafty cocktails you almost feel that they are alive. 


Voodoo Reyes is an escape to a happy place :) where creativity is present! 


Trams gliding through the city, bikers roll'n all directions, expensive cars "racing" in rush hour and people walking at a very fast pace with one destination in mind. Zurich has around 4 million people and to me is the most happening city in Switzerland. Known for its banks and its financial world. I see today a huge influx of startups which is encouraging for young entrepreneurs like me who want to make their vision a reality.

You'll find nature in the city. You have rivers you can jump in at your lunch break, a small mountain called Uetlibergwhere you can get a great jog in. The view from up there is worth the tough climb.


Zurich is a Foodhub.  There are many restaurants, cafes and markets. I picked out a couple of my favorite places to go in the city in which I would like to share with you. If you have been to all of them, and need more addresses do not hesitate to contact me. I've got you covered to send you to your next food addict hot spot in this fun big town. 

not bar hop'n but Café hop'n

Kraftwerk is one of the coolest café's I've been in. Not only does it serve food and drinks, but it also has a space for innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and young businesses to collaborate and meet to work on their projects, hold meetings or presentations. Their lunch menu is simple but so tasty. You have three choices, mostly vegan and vegetarian options. They use locally sourced products and have an ethical approach to the way they operate. The pictures below show you how the office spaces that are available for rent are in old containers. I love to see that old abandoned factories are transformed into food and co-working hubs.

bros beans & Beats

I mean, how cool is that name? It really describes the place!

A small but cozy café & bar. They have tasty homemade ice tea and their lemon and ginger tea with a rosemary touch is a hit. They have speciality cocktails and well crafted food. It's a great place to spend an evening. On a rainy day, I like to go here for a book read and a nicely brewed coffee. They have a lovely brunch menu on weekends too. It gets busy, so get ready to get cozy -to check it out click here

other food addict hot spots

What else to discover? 

Gym and a Vegan Kitchen? What a great combo!

For the best plant based brunch in Zurich is at Roots

You have to make sure to reserve your spot! 


John Baker- Great vibe, huge variety of food & drinks. and a great meetup spot! 


Frau Gerolds Garden- Such a hip place, where you'll find herbs growing, flowers, veggie beds and many other surprises. A garden like the name says. Such a unique and fun space to spend your summer days. 


Juicery 21- If you like everything from acai bowls, to salmon avocado on toast, to freshly pressed juice. Hemp smoothies, dates & cacao energy balls & banana bread? well this is your place! 


HITL and TIBITS are the best restaurants for Vegans and Vegetarians :) 


Bern is a beautiful city, and it's the capital of Switzerland. I love this big town for its beautiful architecture, it's cool underground stores, views of the city from the statehouse and my favorite of all? The Aare river. When the first day of summer comes about, meaning when it passes the 20 degrees Celsius I do anything to get into that refreshing river! I've brought a couple of my friends from Brazil and the Dominican there. They thought I was crazy. They have never felt or swam in such icy cold water. 


Coffee Addicts?  Here is the Place! 

Rösterei- Best Coffee in town where they roast their ethically sourced coffee beans in the café. They have a Coffee School too. Here is where I've had one of the best Ice Lattes I've had  in this country. Switzerland does not really have the ice lattes down yet I have t say! They look at me weirdly saying "so just coffee with ice"? I discreetly roll my eyes and just go with it. It is always a risk to pay 7 CHF for coffee with two ice cubes. However, this café has totally, 100% met the Ice Coffee Standards. Overdosing on Ice lattes in my college years in the US made me a connoisseur of what good cold brew is. 

On a hot summer day what's better than an Italian Made Gelato? Gelateria de Berna 


Another fairytale town with a castle up on the hill overlooking the city of Thun. It used to be a prison..hmm..not a bad place to be confined in I would say? Today they made into a beautiful hotel


For coffee & breakfastCafé Mani's is a super location right next to the SBB train station. Its' a great meetup place! It serves traditional swiss croissants (delicious). Have a coffee and dip it into their tasty coffee. It seems like this café got inspired by American bagels. They make their own bagels which you can enjoy with several different ingredients inside them. I personally have not tried one, however, they do look lush. They have a wide selection of wines as well. 


For lunch and Organic (BIO) store?

 Vale Tudo 

A great health-conscious restaurant where they cook with the seasons and support local farmers. They have an internationally inspired menu that changes every day. I love this concept where you are always in for a surprise. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed with the food they prepare, because they use high-quality organic products.


small bulk shop can be found next door. The artisanal shop is full of local vegetables, fruits, vegan cheeses and more. Speaking about vegan cheese. I had the great pleasure to meet one of the founders of New Roots. I was able to get a tour of their factory making cheese out of fair trade cashews. I bought some of their delicious nut-based cheese for one of my Vegan meetups. They are now in many food stores around Switzerland. Their story is so fascinating and I love seeing them growing and expanding. 

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