You want to impress your loved ones for Christmas?

What are the ingredients for this easy to make delicious homemade Vegan Cake?

Flour-Almond butter, Chocolate, Cacao, Brown sugar, colza oil, baking powder is the base :) To make it even more tasty make a chocolate sauce with soya yogurt, melted chocolate and sweeten it with Agave syrup to drizzle over your piece of cake--sprinkle crushed hazelnuts and you're done! 

As I've mentioned in my introduction blog post, I don't really like to follow recipes, since I like to change them around sometimes and make it the way I feel is good :) I just get ideas from them! Then let your imagination fly and create your own vegan chocolate cake! However please do not hesitate to message me and I will gladly explain how this desert is made in more detail! 

If you make this drink--Warning***you will not get enough of it ;) Most delicious warming drink I've ever Made! 

Christmas is nice with some Glühwein or warm cider in hand, however it gets a bit repetitive...why not go for something NEW


Once your Stove is On & Sauce Pan is ready 

Sprinkle In

1 Star Anise 

2 cardamome seeds 

1 inch of cinnamon stick

Couple Fennel seeds

Vanilla Powder


Lemon Zest 

Fresh Apple Juice

Amaretto Liquor

Spiced Rhum

Let it heat up to wake up all the spices and let the aroma and flavour flourish!

Serve in a glass Jar

**No sugar needed, it is sweet enough from the Amaretto and the Apple Juice...

Enjoy and let me know what you think! 




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