Pressure Cooker Use & Benefits

 Explanation of process

Cut fresh vegetables (any you want)

a.     Put at least ½ of cup of water. NEVER USE LESS

b.     Place the lid on the pressure cooker pot and align the mark on the lid with the mark on the top of the pot handle.

c.     Place pressure cooker on stove on high heat and put dial onto number 2.

d.     After around 2-3 minutes look to see if steam is coming out excessively

e.     Then let it sit for 1 minute (put pot on a cold surface and let it sit for 1 minute to cook itself)

f.      You can either place the pan under cold water, then turn dial onto the steam release picture (a quick release method) or naturally just by letting it cook.



Saves energy. With the ever-escalating cost of electricity, we all want to find ways to save on energy and reduce the size of our monthly bill.

g.     Saves time in preparing meals. Cooking time is greatly reduced as foods cook up to 70% faster when a pressure cooker is used, making it a handy tool to quickly get the meal on the table.

h.     It is cleaner. It has a well-secured lid that prevents any splashes or spatters from escaping the cooking vessel. This also eliminates any boil overs, which require further cleanup. When meal preparation is complete, there’s only one pot to wash; You don’t need to use any oil.

i.    Pressure cookers can store your food:) They are designed for canning foods or for your leftovers to be stored for future use.


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