Apples and Walnuts, a perfect snack


In Switzerland they are very proud of their apples and their walnuts —So proud that on the 25th day of October, the swiss farmers growing these fruits distribute free apples in each public place including train stations. 


Do you know that?

  • One Swiss inhabitant consumes about 16kg of apple each year?
  • One apple consists of 85% water and zero fat?
  • Apples are ranked first in the Medical News Today's featured article about the top 10 healthy foods.

This nutritional powerhouse contains:

  • A natural antioxidant (vitamin C).
  • Complex vitamins for maintaining red blood cells and keep the nervous system in good health.
  • Dietary fiber keeps the level of bad cholesterol down and prevents the development of certain diseases.
  • Minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorous also have present in an apple.

This is all true IF you eat apples grown in an organic way, not one that is genetically modified!



When I say organic I mean going up to an Apple tree and if the apple is not perfect looking well it is natural and the way an apple should look like. If only you were able to taste the apple I got off of my neighbors tree, wow what an experience that was! So Juicy and flavorful! I’m normally not a huge apple fan, but those apples I could eat three in row. I had to compare this apple to the ones I was eating in the US, tasteless, watery, abnormally big and shiny.


After my research on Genetically modified food, I wanted to be sure that I was buying a non GMO apple for example. This is one way you can tell. If the fruit or vegetable has a 4 digit number that begin with the number 4 then that means it’s conventional and sure that its GMO. If the label has 5 numbers and begins with the number 9 then that is when it is organic and non GMO.


A nice little tip of the day for your shopping adventures in the American food euphoria supermarkets.


Enough about apples... Let’s talk about Walnuts!



Did you ever look closey at the shape of this amazing nut? It resembles the human brain. Even the divide!

In Switzerland, these walnuts are widely grown in the Seeland of this small country. They contain B1, B2, B6, and E, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, lecithin and choline.


They are rich in antioxidants, higher than in any other nut and provide healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is an Omega-3 fat from plants and it is an essential fat you need in your diet.


Walnuts have a clear abundance of this fat over all other nuts.


If you want to know all reasons why you should eat walnuts read this article


I hope this gave you a nice little idea about how walnuts and organic apples would be the perfect snack food to kill your hunger in between meals. Or even having a little cheese board with apples and walnuts, wow what a great combination and well why not with some nice biodynamic wine to make it perfect!


Have a great day full of love, health, happiness oh and of course tasty healthy food!


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